Technology Leadership

Technology Strategy & Leadership Services

Fractional CIO / CTO

Experience is critical in IT decisions from architecture to staffing to vendor negotiations. These essential IT strategy decisions will be felt – for better or for worse – for years to come. We match up experienced, successful C-level IT leaders with companies needing the expertise, but who can’t necessarily afford the escalated full-time compensation packages usually required for this talent. Similarly, we provide interim CIO / CTO talent when needs arise from a sudden departure or M&A activity resulting in a need for technology to be stabilized and/or integrated.

Technology Strategy

Our experienced IT leaders can help you create technology goals that drive your business forward. Your business will have unique challenges and unique opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage. The key is understanding how to leverage technology to empower the unique strategy for your organization. We help customers uncover the untapped potential in their businesses to modernize and grow.

IT Assessments & Roadmaps

Sometimes an outside perspective can help you better understand how your IT platforms (systems, applications, vendors, etc.) are performing in relation to the present and future needs of your organization and compared to competitor capabilities. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology environment requires a clear understanding of how it’s currently operating as well as a solid plan for implementing improvements moving forward. Our experts can help to create a holistic understanding of your technology – and determine if you’re paying too much, and / or getting too little.

Advisory Services

No CIO or CTO can do it alone. Reduce risk and save time by leveraging the insight and experience of other IT executives who have addressed similar problems and opportunities both inside and outside your industry. Application strategy, business case development, software selection, vendor management, implementation partner selection, program/project risk assessment, etc. Benefit from methods and techniques that help you extend your vision and goals to your supporting teams and business leaders throughout the organization.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just a technology strategy; it’s a strategy to leverage technology to enable new business models, new products and services, new strategies — and drive business growth. For digital transformation to succeed, organizations need to evaluate and actively manage the interaction between strategy, leadership and technology. Find out how our leaders can identify the business potential in emerging technologies and formulate winning strategies accordingly, along with the capability to lead digital transformation and innovation initiatives effectively.

Data & Analytics Strategy

Do you trust your data? As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. You can have the most ingenious, elegant, well-tested function, model or application — but what comes out is only as good as what goes in. Companies that understand the true value of their data and leverage it with advanced analytics technologies are seeing continued growth even in uncertain times. Trusted data means faster decision making, greater confidence in decisions, improved compliance, increased productivity, and a range of other benefits. The truth is that data and analytics are complicated, but the results can be powerful. Let us help you turn the insights into actions.

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