Private Equity

February 12, 2021
Private Equity

Step One: Due Diligence

A PE investor must evaluate many factors in order to determine whether any given investment opportunity is a good one (and is appropriate for the PE firm).  That process involves a lot of research in order to understand a company’s financials, market position, industry trends, debt financing available, etc.  And when a potential opportunity is targeted a much more detailed due diligence process is started.

What if you had a way to streamline both the opportunity screening process as well as the commercial due diligence process?

The team at Epochal Technologies has assisted with over 100 transactions and facilitated the faster screening of thousands of opportunities by providing objective data analysis of companies.  

  • Competitive Landscape and Market Position
  • Industry Growth / Addressable Market
  • Customer Base / Suppliers
  • Capital Requirements of the Business
  • Financial Performance (Historical & Projected)

Step Two: Create Value for the Portfolio Company

Private equity firms provide their portfolio companies with expertise that they may otherwise not have.  They seek to create value by collaborating with management in identifying and executing financial, operating, and strategic priorities, and providing expertise in these tasks that the management team may not have.

What if you had a way to get board-level insights - understanding how a portfolio company performs and where are the opportunities to change things?

The team at Epochal Technologies has helped transform human resources, sales and marketing, business development, operations and other areas, across a wide spectrum of industries. 

  • Data analytics driven segmentation of customers / products
  • Analysis of social media behaviors
  • Price optimization
  • Customer churn prediction and prevention
  • Fraud detection
  • Optimize inventory and yield

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